Student Led Workshop - Future Students

Student Led Workshop - Future Students

Join us for our student led workshops to discover what research our current students are conducting in their program. The workshops offered are:

Walking in a Car's World: Living in a bigger city can be rather difficult to navigate as a single individual. As pedestrains always have the right of way, streets and more so intersections are not based with us in mind. Join us to unpack the intersections within the city and discuss possible solutions.

What is Fast Fashion: Have you ever considered where you purchase your clothes from? What factors do you consider when you go shopping: cheapest product? quality? manufacturing? Attend the "What is Fast Fashion" workshop to learn more about relevant companies and the issues around them.

These workshops are offered both in-person and virtually. The workshops are a hybrid style and are structured to accomodate both in-person and virtual attendees. A confirmation email will be sent to you with more details based off how you will be attending (location information/zoom link).

If you have any questions - please reach out at

Recruitment Team